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Tribal Glass Art


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Welcome to Tribal Glass Art


Once upon a time, the deer suddenly vanished from the land of the Anishnabek. After finally locating the lost deer far to the north, the Anishnabek fight a fierce battle with crows for control of the animals. Finally during a truce, the Anishnabek ask the deer chief why all the deer moved north with the crows. The deer chief reveals they came to live with the crows by choice. Men, he said, had "wasted their flesh, spoiled their lands, and desecrated their bones," bringing dishonor both to deer and to humans. The contrite Anishnabek promise forevermore to treat the deer with respect--and even today, the Anishnabek honor this promise to the deer as their oldest and most sacred treaty.


This Buck is 14 inches high by 10.5 inches wide


Star Pattern is 11 inches by 11 inches.

The history of the true Native American blanket dates back to the earliest days. In each chapter of western history, blankets have played an important role - in councils of war, and peace, in ceremonies and pow wows, and as a medium of exchange and barter. For over a century, Pendleton® blankets, robes and shawls have been woven into the history and traditions of Native Americans. A prized possession and standard of value since the frontier days, these blankets continue to play a time-honored role in ceremonies and are cherished from generation to generation.


Eagle is 14 iches high by 10 inches wide.

When the world was new, the Creator made all the birds. He colored their feathers like a bouquet of flowers. The Creator then gave each a distinct song to sing.
The Creator instructed the birds to greet each new day with a chorus of their songs. Of all the birds, our Creator chose the Eagle to be the leader.

Native Link - Six Nations of the Grand River


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